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Alex Caballero on Candy
Es una foto buenisima, me gusta mucho...saludos. Esta llena de sentimientos.

pedro alexandre on Candy
bonito arranjo, muito abstracta, gostei do fundo vermelho.

Marta on Candy
Boa ideia, ficou fixe a foto

eddy on Surf
cool sport shot

saeed on Candy
nice idea and nicely done!

dj.tigersprout on Candy
how delicate! love the colors!

Remus on ...
Resultou bem. Não é uma fotografia esplendorosa de fogo de artificio, mas o resultado é ...

Remus on Candy
Pormenores e tonalidades muito bem captadas. Gostei do resultado.

Helma on Candy
colorful shot ! nice idea & well done .. tnx

deny on Candy
nice macro dof

Jessica on Candy
is that really candy ? nice . the orange is pretty : )

Andrew Gould on Surf
Nice capture with a good balance in the composition. Saludos.

Shun on ... (II)
Nice fireworks shot. Colors are great!

Riccardo on ...
Un effetto davvero spettacolare! Luci bellissime e colori totalmente esaltanti! Riccardo.

Ana Lúcia on ...
Espectacular. Eu sei o trabalho que dá fotografar fogo de artifício, :)

Francesc B. on Christmas
bonitos detalhes… original para um mês de Junho

Arash on Spring
Nice shotfrom blossoms, but where are the leafs??

Marta on Spring
Nice shot

saeed on Spring
lovely blossoms indeed!

Ras on Sailing
Clever shot, sailing on a window pane.

Riccardo on Sailing
Me gusta las lineas de la imagen me gusta el arbol en primer plano. Buenas tarde Segio y....Viva Portugal ...

Arash on Sailing
good use of line.

Mithun on Sailing
I liked the way the shot is framed.. good one

Rags on Christmas
very beautiful I love the title.

Alun Lambert on Christmas
interesting image

Marion on Christmas
A golden pine cone. Good DOF.

Death on Flag
the framing is good but i like more sharpnes image!

saeed on Who is she?
nice idea and nicely done!

Marta on Who is she?
Um bocado estranha.

Riccardo on Rails
Me gusta l'idea...el angulo es bueno pero...ha cortado a la derecha ...quiero un melhor enqudramento ^.^ Con ...

saeed on Tunel
very cool.. nicely done

Michael Skorulski on Tunel
Excellent idea for a frame although what is framed could be more dramatic and interesting!

Ina on Station
Beautiful shot, I like it! I don't agree with Michael at all. This is perfect.

Remus on Porta
Gostei do enquadramento/ângulo dado à fotografia. A janela do lado direito é que penso que ...

Remus on Tie me
Eu acho que o nível de contraste está no ponto certo. Se fosse mais, iria perder definição ...

Michael Skorulski on Station
Too much going on in this image. My eye is drawn to the ornate detail on the posts. Perhaps a closeup of one of the ...

MJ on Rails
love the tracks with the small amounts of green growning... nice composition

Michael Skorulski on Rails
The curves of the track are interesting and pleasing!

isabel on Rails
gosto do ângulo!

dj.tigersprout on Porta
great composition and color usage here. :)

dj.tigersprout on Labyrinth
love this -- reminds me of mc escher!

Marta on Windows
NIce shot

Scott Rippee on Windows
Super clean, nice angle on the building. Good exposure and saturation levels

Michael Skorulski on Windows
A crisp and interesting architectural image. I especially like the chimney tops.

Michael Skorulski on Tie me
Perhaps a bit more contrast and sharper focus to show off the textures might make the image more attractive.

Craig on Tie me
I like the side lighting!

Arash on Tie me
Good idea, nice in BW.

cako on Labyrinth
Interesting angle and a perfect title. Nice !

bruno on Labyrinth
Good framing.Very original shot.

Riccardo on Labyrinth
Me gusta mucho esta vision de esto labirinto... ^.^ ... Nice angle and nice composition Sérgio! Bravo! Riccardo.

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